Benefits of BHIM Aadhaar APP

By | April 14, 2017

Here Few Major benefits of BHIM Aadhaar APP :-

BHIM Aadhaar App

1-BHIM AADHAAR is Highest Secure Payment APP

2-It will work without debit / credit card even no mobile phone needed

3-No Internet Connection needed to transactions via BHIM Aadhaar APP

4-It will help to uneducated people and people who are worried about credit / debit card secuirty leak or fraud

5- It supports USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) You can access these features by dialing a number which in this case is, *99#

6-You can send money to No UPI banks too

7-It is finger print based so its 100% safe and fast

8-PM Modi announced a referral bonus for consumers and a cash-back scheme for merchants. means that users will get Rs 10 for each friend he/she refers to BHIM AADHAAR APP

9-You do not need to carry credit card / debit card / cash

10-You do not need to remember or use ATM PIN etc.

There are many other benefits too I  will describe later.